Charlie Roach

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first ride 092913Following bilateral hip replacements, I continued to have low back pain from limping for so long prior to surgery. Though I was finally able to get around without constant pain, I had lingering issues but was willing to deal with it, I figured it might eventually go away. A friend of mine suggested Charlie. I had tried acupuncture before but was not that impressed with my results. After one session, my low back pain was gone and I moved around with no pain anywhere for the first time in years ! Always the skeptic, I wondered if this could be a permanent fix. I took Charlie’s advice, kept coming back and he was right; I could be pain free permanently. The difference between Charlie and other Chinese medicine practitioners is that he doesn’t just do one modality. He tailors whatever combination of treatments to the individual. I’m back on my horse and am grateful I made that first appointment.

– Marcy Tigerman

In a yoga class in November 2010, trying to jump my feet to my hands, I caught the four smaller toes of the right foot on the mat resulting in a major injury – broken bone, dislocated joints, torn ligaments, etc. Though it hurt badly, I thought it was nothing more than a severe sprain so I didn’t seek medical help. Big mistake.

Over the next several months the pain grew more intense. My ability to walk, do yoga, even wear shoes, diminished. Finally, I saw a podiatrist. X-rays showed evidence of broken bones and the deformity of the smaller metatarsals. The only treatment he would do was cortisone injections for pain between two toes. Though he spoke of surgery, he was unsure if that would be successful.

Finally, it became almost too painful to even walk. A yoga teacher saw my difficulty and recommended that I visit Charlie Roach. He said that Charlie’s skills extended far beyond acupuncture – that he also treated many people for injuries and other maladies.

After meeting with Charlie, he told me (without resorting to the use of x-rays) that the metatarsals had all shifted toward the outside of the foot, several joints were still dislocated, and because of their unnatural proximity, the metatarsal bones were creating new bone structures between themselves. In other words, a club foot was being formed. The solution was a process of gradually separating the metatarsals and repositioning them into their natural alignment, reducing (relocating) the displaced joints, and breaking down the nascent bone growth between the metatarsals.

We embarked upon this process in June 2011 and found that the damage was much more extensive. Instead of the original treatment timeline of three months, it actually took a year of weekly sessions. However, even with the complexity of the injury, the progress towards healing was evident after each treatment.

The goal was achieved by June 2012. My foot is now completely normal. All metatarsals reside in their natural alignments. There is no pain and I do as I please activity wise and that includes a serious yoga practice. I am very grateful for the knowledge and skill that Charlie Roach utilized to restore my mobility.

In June 2012, I decided to go as deep into hatha yoga as possible. After four years of practice, I had reached a limit in flexibility imposed by age (66 years old). Under the guidance of Chinese medicine healer, Charlie Roach, I hoped to move past this point.

It’s been 15 months of intense weekly treatments, but I have gained about 12 inches of additional forward flexibility. Recently, I was able to do a standing forward bend with knees locked placing my palms flat on the floor. After a treatment my flexibility is greatly enhanced for a short while so probably it will be a few weeks before I can do this straight away. But it is standard now for me to be able to place all five fingers on the floor in standing forward bend.

The increased flexibility is also evident in backbends, twists, and side bends. Plus, there are many other improvements and poses that I now can do because of Charlie’s treatments.

Much gratitude, Charlie.

-Bill Betts

In my travels as an international yoga teacher, I have had the pleasure of coming into contact with some absolutely amazing bodyworkers. In a bit of irony however, the most talented of the bunch is Charlie Roach, and he lives just down the street!

The members of Team YogaSlackers spend their days and nights doing things with (and to) their bodies that might not be considered healthy or sustainable by most people. Yet they have been sustaining a ridiculous amount of activity for years. The secret? Lots of yoga, and regular acupuncture and bodywork from Charlie.

Charlie is one of the most talented and knowledgeable body workers I have had the pleasure to experience. Charlie draws from such a wide knowledge base that I never feel like he is trying to fit my problems into his expertise, but rather that he can draw from a variety of different modalities to best serve my needs. He is definitely a rare find.

–Jason (Adventure racer & Yoga instructor), Team YogaSlackers

For the past thirteen years I’ve seen a variety of chiropractors, acupuncture and acupressure providers, and massage therapists who have helped me deal with chronic pain from back, hip, and knee injuries. I have found alternative medicine to be much more practical and helpful on a day-to-day basis than traditional western medicine (including the back fusion and hip surgeries I’ve experienced.)

Then my son introduced me to Charlie Roach. What an amazing healer with a totally new dimension in alternative medicine! His amazing array of treatment options, his understanding of each of their strengths and applications, and his ability to find the “right spot” to work on, combine to offer an astonishing wellness experience. Both the pain relief and on-going health I’ve experienced under his care have been exceptional. In fact, although I live in Colorado, the care I’ve received from Charlie has inspired me to continue to travel to Tucson on a regular basis to continue receiving care from him. He’s that good!

–Carol, Golden Colorado

I am in my early 60’s and overall in good health, but not free of health issues. I have known Charlie for nearly two years now and have been impressed with his knowledge, with his ability to diagnose problems and with his ability to positively impact my quality of life. Most importantly, Charlie has helped me manage the stress of building a new home, raise my energy level, resolve aches and pains in my knees, lower back and headaches, and improve my overall health. I plan to continue seeing Charlie on a regular basis as long as I am here in Tucson.

–Duane (Retired hospital administrator)

I initially went to Charlie with a knee and shoulder complaint. I felt immediate relief after only the first session with him. Months later, I’m still going to Charlie on a weekly basis helping my body stay healthy and strong. I tell my friends Charlie is my secret weapon so I can continue my hours of yoga practice each week. Thanks so much Charlie, you’re an amazing healer and friend.

–Rachel (Filmmaker)