Charlie Roach

Acupuncture + Sports Medicine


In my travels as an international yoga teacher, I have had the pleasure of coming into contact with some absolutely amazing bodyworkers. In a bit of irony however, the most talented of the bunch is Charlie Roach, and he lives just down the street!

The members of Team YogaSlackers spend their days and nights doing things with (and to) their bodies that might not be considered healthy or sustainable by most people. Yet they have been sustaining a ridiculous amount of activity for years. The secret? Lots of yoga, and regular acupuncture and bodywork from Charlie.

Charlie is one of the most talented and knowledgeable body workers I have had the pleasure to experience. Charlie draws from such a wide knowledge base that I never feel like he is trying to fit my problems into his expertise, but rather that he can draw from a variety of different modalities to best serve my needs. He is definitely a rare find.

– Jason Magness, Team YogaSlackers

As a professional cyclist, it’s critical that I stay in peak shape, address injuries or nagging issues quickly, and am always ready to perform at my best. Charlie is the best at making all of these happen. I have never worked with somebody as thorough, knowledgeable, and capable. He combines a range of techniques and protocols using the best sports medicine practices with Chinese medicine to create the most effective treatment. I’ve seen Charlie for acupuncture, massage, cupping, herbal remedies, active release, and chiropractic adjustments and he has worked wonders. I found him through other pro athletes who raved about his work and since then, I’ve referred multiple people to him who have been equally thrilled. Charlie is the best and I can’t recommend him enough.

– Lindsay Goldman

Charlie Roach Chinese Medicine was recommended to me about five years ago as I was searching for a natural approach to hormonal imbalance and related problems. Less than two months after my intake appointment and subsequent treatment, I was noticing positive shifts in my body and cycles. Since then I have seen Charlie pretty regularly, and he has essentially filled any and all needs I had previously used a primary care physician, chiropractor, physical therapist, or sports injury specialist to treat.

My visits have included treatment for muscle sprains, strains, knots, and spasms, as well as allergies, sinus infection, bacterial infection, and having multiple ribs out of place. He is a talented athlete and understands my body and its needs as an active individual.

I have recently begun to attend his spinal decompression classes and can feel the awakening and strengthening of areas of my body that have given me trouble for nearly two decades (low back pain, poor posture). I have recommended Charlie to many, many friends only to hear similar praise and tangible results like those outlined above….. he will remain the first person I call when seeking care for my body! Thank you, Charlie!

– Tiffany Odem, Rocks & Ropes Climbing Gym

Life changing!!! My back was killing me (L4-L5-S1). I tried everything; 3 pain specialists, a physical therapist, everything but surgery. A friend of mine recommended Charlie, and after 4 sessions things started getting better, I was sleeping better, I was able to start exercising again.  It’s been 4 months now and go at least once a week and every time it’s a little better.  I’ve been a runner as long as I can remember and I had to stop now I can see that’s a possibility again.

– Rebecca Anderson

I have been seeing Charlie for  5+ years.  As a professional in the climbing industry the list of items he has helped me with range from torn muscles to dislocated ribs to a full body cleanse to sinus infections. Although I have primarily seen Charlie for muscular and structural issues over the years I have gotten to the point where Charlie is my number one got to for any ailment that comes my way.

I have met a lot of Tucson folks in passing who sing his praises, and like me have sent a lot of others to see Charlie for repair and to gain a better understanding of how their bodies work and how to make them work better. Thank you, Charlie. Simply put, you are amazing at what you do!

– Luke Bertelsen, Rocks & Ropes Climbing Gym

I’m a longtime competitive athlete with way too much experience over the years with a wide variety of “healers.”  Charlie is, without a doubt, the real deal.  He combines encyclopedic knowledge of Chinese medicine with a comprehensive command of the fields of human anatomy and sports medicine.  The end result is an elite, uniquely qualified professional who offers a welcome antidote to traditional western medicine approaches to injury and dysfunction.  Additionally,  Charlie is an accomplished athlete who walks the walk.  His top priority is to get you functional and back in the game; not keep you sick and disabled while putting money in his pocket.  That’s exactly what he’s done for me.

– JP Sullivan

Following bilateral hip replacements, I continued to have low back pain from limping for so long prior to surgery. Though I was finally able to get around without constant pain, I had lingering issues but was willing to deal with it, I figured it might eventually go away. A friend of mine suggested Charlie. I had tried acupuncture before but was not that impressed with my results. After one session, my low back pain was gone and I moved around with no pain anywhere for the first time in years ! Always the skeptic, I wondered if this could be a permanent fix. I took Charlie’s advice, kept coming back and he was right; I could be pain free permanently. The difference between Charlie and other Chinese medicine practitioners is that he doesn’t just do one modality. He tailors whatever combination of treatments to the individual. I’m back on my horse and am grateful I made that first appointment.

– Marcy Tigerman

For the past thirteen years I’ve seen a variety of chiropractors, acupuncture and acupressure providers, and massage therapists who have helped me deal with chronic pain from back, hip, and knee injuries. I have found alternative medicine to be much more practical and helpful on a day-to-day basis than traditional western medicine (including the back fusion and hip surgeries I’ve experienced.)

Then my son introduced me to Charlie Roach. What an amazing healer with a totally new dimension in alternative medicine! His amazing array of treatment options, his understanding of each of their strengths and applications, and his ability to find the “right spot” to work on, combine to offer an astonishing wellness experience. Both the pain relief and on-going health I’ve experienced under his care have been exceptional. In fact, although I live in Colorado, the care I’ve received from Charlie has inspired me to continue to travel to Tucson on a regular basis to continue receiving care from him. He’s that good!

–Carol, Golden Colorado